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Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA)

Why should I join PSSA?

A question asked many times. PSSA serves as a governing body of the Photographic world of South Africa. PSSA provides guidelines to the Clubs in all the Regions. They do not dictate, but guidelines help the Clubs to establish a good grounding for the monthly running of Clubs. A lot of the work that PSSA does happen away from the eyes of the members of the public.

By joining PSSA you benefit from our quarterly magazine, which is full of tutorials on various aspects of photography plus showcasing the work being done by all the members around the country. The best learning experience an amateur photographer can have is to attend the annual PSSA Congress and the regional congresses. This is the time where we get to meet other likeminded photographers from South Africa and abroad.

Salons at a slightly cheaper rate if a member. Through Salons, one can exhibit their work against the whole of South Africa. Many clubs require Salon Acceptances for their promotional purposes.

Diamond Ratings and Honours is also a big plus when a member of PSSA, and all the information on these are on the PSSA web site. Achieving your Honours is really an honour, it showcases the work you do and exhibits this honour to your colleagues, friends, family and in some cases throughout the world. Apart from the distinction that this provides, it also gives us a goal. Something to work towards, something to strive for.

As regional Director and Board Member of PSSA I believe in this organisation, and although it might seem like a large ship that does not want to turn and adapt, it does its job. The Northern Gauteng Region is very strong and will remain strong through its members. Without members that give their input, an organisation like PSSA cannot exist and will not adapt. Therefore don’t stand on the sideline. Join the movement and help us steer this ship called PSSA through the often unknown and turbulent waters. I would like to therefore encourage you to join PSSA, and be active in the organisation.



PSSA Honours Members in MFFC

LPSSA: Licentiateship

APSSA: Associateship

FPSSA: Fellowship

Member Honours Type
Marthie Bredenkamp
Mark Dutton
Rina Ferreira
Adriaan Theron
Danie Ferreira
Cathy Jonker
Tokkie Labuschagne
APSSA, LPSSA (Mono), DPSSA (Nature and Open)
Willie Labuschagne
APSSA (Vers), EPSSA (Mille), DPSSA (Vers)
Gawie Wolmarans
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